Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rosemary Mouse Sighting

Guess what? I discovered a Rosemary Mouse sitting on my cutting board this week! I think they are breeding.

Actually, I've been making vegan challah for the co-op (an egg bread without eggs...), and using the scraps to make challah mice, birds, and hedgehogs. This week when Dave and I were forming the Rosemary Potato Bread and Buns, we had some leftover dough so I made Rosemary Mice!

When I made a delivery yesterday to the Breast Cancer Resource Center, they were just putting together a platter of cheese and fruit. We added a rosemary mouse. Now who could look at that and not laugh? I can visualize these mice spreading to cheese platters across town.

Since we always have a little dough left when we loaf the breads, we may find our freezer filling up with Swedish rye mice, Anita's black bread mice, Rustic white bread mice, and multigrain mice as well as Rosemary Mice.

Rosemary mice meet to discuss breeding plans.

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