Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rosemary Meets Rosebud

My friends Anne and John Wiley flew to Monterey on Labor Day weekend. They took some Rosemary Mice with them on the trip. As John flew over Hearst Castle (Citizen Kane's aka Rosebud's home), Anne gave Rosemary a chance to look at the Castle from above.

Apparently Rosemary became so excited when they were flying over Big Sur that she jumped from the plane. John says, "We were alarmed at first, but then realized she would survive the leap and do quite well among the other critters repopulating the recently-burned forest. We held the other three Nancy gave us all the tighter so they'd finish the journey with us."

Dave and I have plans to visit Big Sur this week. Wouldn't it be amazing if we saw Rosemary in the forest?

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