Monday, May 3, 2010

Starlight Mice in Berlin

While the trip in checked luggage was a bit grueling (and we thought we had it bad in economy coach), our three Starlight mice arrive ears intact. Apparently the x-ray of my bag didn't trigger a security check.

Simone, Greta, and Alfred

The mice were still safely packed in their box when I unpacked my luggage, but I can tell you that they were eager to explore our apartment once we released them.

Simone is a party girl, so this German confetti looked quite promising to her. She got her nest together quite quickly.

Of course the Starlight mice were the first to find the chocolate eggs on our pillows.

You can bet this one isn't going to last long. Greta offered to help us find our way to the toy at the center of that egg (translation: to eat the chocolate shell). All three mice helped us eat our way to the toy.

Our first Kinder Egg toy is revealed! The Starlight mice have gathered on the kitchen window ledge to discuss their next job.

We need to get to the grocery store soon to decide what new treats to bring them. Apparently they snacked a bit while we were out walking today.