Monday, December 8, 2008

Traveling Through Egypt

My friends and Starlight customers Gayle and Marty were headed off to cruise the Nile and visit to the pyramids in Egypt. Fellow lovers of whimsy, they took home some Starlight mice and set up a hidden camera to see if they could catch these little stowaways in the act of stowing away. Little did the mice know that Gayle and Marty were already planning to take them along on the trip.

It didn't take long for the mice to find the travel brochure and start planning. Those pyramids didn't look all that big to them, they commented in a barely audible whisper.

Here they are on camera, looking their sneakiest. A few seconds later they were deep inside their suitcases, burrowing quietly into carefully packed shirts and socks.

Taking pity on them Marty and Gayle coaxed them from the suitcases and assured them that they were welcome to travel carry-on class.

One problem with burrowing is that it's hard on your ears especially if they are made of sliced almonds. But no matter, these were two happy mice sharing a window seat with Gayle.

Then onto an air-conditioned bus!

Marty photographed them jumping for joy as they caught their first glimpses of the city through the tour bus window. Then they posed for a more formal photo.

And that was just the beginning! Next stop, the Nile River.

They reserved their own sun deck for the cruise down the Nile. Well-fed and pampered, it was a Starlight mouse's dream come true!

At stop in Aswan, Egypt... a photo opportunity.

Then back to Cairo to see the pyramids.

"Hey, this looks like the brochure only a LOT bigger," he said.
"Yeah, and I don't think I want to ride on a camel either," she said.

Gayle assured them she could get them safely past all nearby camels and they really shouldn't pass up their chance to scamper about on a pyramid.

In the end, they agreed that actually standing on a pyramid was awesome!

And all too soon it was time to go back to the United States. But they had to admit feeling a little homesick when Gayle and Marty took out for Sbarro Pizza at an airport in Egypt.

They were feeling a bit road weary but after nibbling on a pizza, sharing a can of Pepsi(?), and some refreshing bottled water they were ready for the long flight home and eager to share their adventures with other Starlight Mice seeking similar adventures.

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